Tips When wanting to buy something, think about how many hours of working it costs you instead of how much money


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E.g. a game costs 120$ ad you make 20$ an hour. So the game costs you 6 hours of pure work. Now consider if this is worth it.
@prodigalredeemed That's why I keep buying things online. I look at the price and figure that I make enough and won't mind the 20 minutes more of work for this thing, and 2 hours of work for that thing. It also helps that I have a decent salary but the work is so easy.

Now if I actually think of money as money and I have a goal, then I am less likely to buy things. For example, I can buy that $120 game now, or I can put it towards an excursion in this year's overseas vacation. I'd rather explore the world than to sit at home playing a game.
@tinora There are also things like depreciation, return on investment, and late-life assessments. I don't own a gaming console. I know that it would be dumb for me to spend ANY money at the moment. When I return from overseas next year it'll have been a year since the Switch has been out.

What I'll have in a year is:

1) A cheaper system

2) A better library

3) Solid base of knowledge of its problems

4) User creations, like mods

Factoring in necessity of a thing versus how much is to be gained from patience is another facet of taking the plunge, imo.
@jessicakollar I go there because I just recently upgraded to a Xbox 360. We usually can't afford new games and consoles, however that's a great place for reviews on which games age well, and which will give you the most enjoyment

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@prodigalredeemed Agreed! I used to make $400 a month as a resident assistant at university and $7.25 at my university office job. Now I make around $33.50 an hour and that's definitely not a good way to think about it for people with a decent salary.

Before, I would say, "dang this restaurant would cost me two hours of work", and now I can think, "alright, this $17 meal is expensive, but only takes 30 minutes of work to earn", granted I like to calculate my hourly rate minus taxes and other necessities.
@cajetan I live in Mexico, and I try to stay away from that mind set because if I start thinking that way I wouldnt buy anything.

Taking your example, I game here cost roughly the same, but lets go on the cheap end, around 60 USD (~1200 MXP).

I get paid ~1500 MXP a WEEK.

So that game would cost me a WEEKS worth of work. Fuck that.
  • Witcher 2 and 3
  • Horizon zero dawn
  • Fallout 3, new Vegas and 4
  • Mass effect 1,2 and 3
  • Uncharted, like all 5 of them
  • Sniper elite 1-4
  • The elder scrolls games
  • Xcom 1 & 2
  • Rome total war
  • Overwatch
That's all just off the top of my head if you think that every game has required micro transactions to be good if you think every game has them then you need to play better games
@prodigalredeemed I've only played new vegas out of those games and dude... New Vegas isn't half as good without the dlcs as it is with them. The dlcs add so much story and lore and atmosphere. I'm not saying the dlcs are mandatory but I wouldn't even say the game is worth playing without them.

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