What should I do next to get out of this rut ?


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In 11th grade, CBSE, INDIA.
1. Inferiority complex as my classmates have completed more 2-3 chapters than me in all subjects. And also I am not able to solve difficult problems.(Started super late in September)
2. Fat
3. Pimples
4. Eyesight decreasing (reason: no.8)
5. No energy depite sleeping 9 hrs a day.(I never take caffeine)
6. Not able to focus on anything.
7. Procrastinating on almost everything.
8. Heavy smartphone addiction.
9. No real friends.
10. Some family issues probably because of me.


*Due to all these, I am sad most of the time and I have heard that chronic sadness leads to depression.

I have watched enough motivational videos and quotes but nothing worked and nothing will work.

I feel like I am changing but I don't want to change. That change is out of my control and I am not able to figure out where I am changing.

Question: What should I do to completely change my
life? because I just can't take it anymore.

P.S: If and only if you have time and energy then please consider providing individual solutions to each problems. Thank You.
@unclemendy I do think India is a very competitive place for a teen. My kids are at university, but we lived 7 years in SE Asia and I saw it firsthand. Your worth as a person has NOTHING to do with how many chapters you have read. Just make sure you get your work done ON TIME.

I seriously doubt your smartphone is causing your eyesight to decrease! You may have strained your eyes, but you are at the age when people start getting nearsighted. Can you see an eye doctor? There are many fashionable choices in glasses!

Studies have shown that when you write down your to-do list, you are more apt to finish the tasks. Sample list: homework and study for x amount of time; walk a mile, lift weights for 20 minutes, have mom make eye doctor appt, talk to someone new today (even just a hello!) I know school is a lot, but can you join a club or sport? It’s easier to make friends in a smaller group.

You sound like a great kid and I wish you the best from Houston, Texas! Sometimes the teen years are tough, but they don’t last forever. Do you have access to a professional, like a counselor or physician, to speak with to be assessed and treated for depression? I hope you have a great day!!
@unclemendy Literally every single one of those issues can be resolved with regular exercise. I know it sounds simplistic, but there’s so much hard evidence now on the virtues of exercising.
@unclemendy With consistency:

Intermittent fasting, exercise, get off the media, get rejected by enough girls to grow tough skin, eventually get a girl that respects and values you, get laid.

Do all this and confidence/self-respect will come with it. After this, focus on educating yourself and build a passion for it. Then apply it to the market and make money. While doing all this find a healthy hobby or hobbies that you can be passionate about.

Solution found. Get to work.

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