Tips The three steps to an effective apology

@bear_lady I hope this is a joke, because that statement is gaslighting 101. You're blaming their emotions on the issue instead of accepting responsibility, or even accepting the idea that you were wrong.
@dubs Love the armchair psychologists do know there are different types of apology and everyone prefers different one,right? Because if anyone went through the whole charade you're saying, I'd just be annoyed. Do some research next time.
@con84 I’m sorry for the assumptions i made in my post. I was wrong to assume that everyone appreciates the same type of apology. In the future I won’t make such broad generalizations.
@john25 Forgiveness is never something you should ask for. It is something that must be given freely by the other party, and that has to happen in their own time.

Asking for forgiveness, especially as step one, is demanding the person you inconvenienced with your mistake to give more of their emotional energy to sympathise for you immediately.
  • Don't explain yourself. Just apologise.
  • Genuinely accept and understand the fact that you made an error.
  • If you don't think you made an error, or aren't sure exactly where you went wrong, ask them as open ended as possible ("So I know better next time, what was my mistake?"). Then LISTEN.
  • Keep it simple and brief
  • Move on. Get back to doing what you have to do.
  • Don't screw it up again.

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