Tips Shower paneling from a hardware store is functionally identical to whiteboard, and is much cheaper

@fadespace Also, you can get sticky dry erase "roll" that goes right on your wall, no problem. Have an entire idea wall next to my desk that would be hundreds if it were a whiteboard that size.
@rajib Yeah, I have a brand called Wall Pops. 9 bucks for a 2x3 ft tile that goes right on the wall and can be removed. No mounting required. And it cleans really well with some windex.
@fadespace I just use glass for my room. Most people are suggesting painting the back white, but I just made a frame, and slip poster board through the back. This way I can change it out with a new color, stick photos in the corner, add a calendar I won't worry about if I draw over, or just keep it plain white. :) It's been super helpful, and I don't have to worry about any messes. Plus, poster board is like a dollar at most.
@nature12 Lowe's sells a paint that makes a surface compatible with dry erase markers. I have used them on classroom tables so Robotics students could brainstorm.

Drawback: about $75 a gallon.
@angie032386 I've had it since February of'15. Its kinda warn, but still completely functional. I will probably replace the wall soon.

I mounted it like paneling. It pretty much is the wall. I used large staples and a staple gun to mount the panels to the framing.

I've got another 4'x3' piece mounted in my Data Room by the little brackets used to hang mirrors. these