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Liz, founder of Fem Home Ec, is a soulful career coach who brings a soulful approach to the collective about living in harmony and self advocacy. She teaches the art of confidently communicating effectively, setting boundaries, and repatterning common behaviors that keep us away from accessing our true and authentic self happiness. On her TikTok and Instagram she shares things we all experience but don't know how to express.

Ask your questions about:
  • self advocacy
  • finding your purpose
  • burnout
  • impostor syndrome

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Talk soon!
@322014 Hi Liz!! I am in a constant state of letting myself down.

I am in the corporate grind now, and I do everything in my power to make sure I don’t let my colleagues and my friends/family down, but when it comes to things I need to be my best (finances, forming healthy habits, cooking, fitness, spiritual practices) I’m willing to let myself down. I have the information I need to make the changes, but it’s so hard to find the energy to do some of these things or the motivation to do so in the little free time/energy I do have.

Maybe I sometimes set unrealistic expectations for myself, but I’m not sure how to get out of this rut. I’m definitely a perfectionist and I know I can’t make massive lifestyle shifts in a few days, but I have really high expectations of myself and I just feel like I can’t meet them.

I’d love any advice you have on the matter!

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