Prevent t-shirt print from cracking?


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A few months back, I got a t-shirt (for donating platelets, the Halloween edition), which I loved, but the print design started flaking badly after just one wash (by hand, no dryer). I now have a couple new donation t-shirts, and I want to make sure the same damage doesn't happen again. Is there any way to make sure t-shirt prints don't start to crack and flake quite so fast?

Thank you for your time.

@michaelf93 Putting up a line is a bit too much work for a shirt imo, but you can always put it on a hanger and hang it from your shower rod. (Obviously take it down if you go to take a shower)
@maccadonn There’s many different types of prints (screen prints with plastisol or water based inks, direct to garment prints and a bunch of types of heat transfers)… regardless, any good print won’t do this. Unfortunately there’s lots of factors and lots of bad prints out there.
@dayofvictory Went from living in a state that was freezing 6 months of the year and I could wear some clothes more than once before washing, to living in a country where you're sweating before even putting clothes on and you have to wash after every wear. So definitely depends on people's circumstances
@maccadonn When I was a kid my mother would turn a new shirt inside out, put a piece of cardboard in it, and iron the design to try to set it on better. I haven't done this in ages but it worked best on the kinds of shirts that would peel otherwise.
@maccadonn Back in the dark ages, we would often get told to turn the shirt inside out, spray it with vinegar, then iron it dry on medium heat if I recall correctly. Something about recommending the ink to the fabric.

I might try it on a shirt you don't care about first

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