Need to etch an area to be patched? Use a pizza cutter. [x-post r/lifehacks]

@lolade Huh? Are you gonna try to mud that whole big area?

I always cut a patch piece out of spare drywall so it will cover the hole in the wall, then cut the hole in the wall to fit the patch piece, then use a piece of wood as backing to screw the new piece in.

Pictures here. Sorry it's a slideshow but this is exactly how I always do it, except I don't usually bother with the construction adhesive or the screen. Edited to add: If you do a good job cutting the patch piece and wall so it fits well, you don't really need the screen. Float some mud, a little on the thick side, then sand, texture, paint and you're done. Easy peasy.
@prodigalredeemed That seems like a bit of unnecessary work. I mean, for this small of a hole, I just mud the area and sand 2 - 3 times, then paint over it. Super easy, literally takes minutes.

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