I'm 28 y/o and about to learn how to play the guitar. How do I start and what do I do to keep at it?

@missmyluv Don't be hard on yourself! You're going to suck at first. That's just part of it. It'll get to you here and there, but don't dwell on it! Being a percussionist though, you'll already have a really good sense of rythm!

Go at your own pace! Practice as often as you resonably can without burning yourself out. It's okay to not practice every day. I'd recommend practising 3 times a week though at the very least. Allow yourself a week long break from practicing every so often if you need it, just make sure to set a reminder to start again after the week's over!

If you're just not feeling it, don't force yourself to practice. That'll lead you to resent it. Learning an instrument should be fun and rewarding, not a chore!
@abby1234 I get asked this question a lot. I've been playing for over 30 years. So-called "starter guitars" are awful and will hinder your learning. If you MUST have a new guitar, the Squire Bullet Telecaster is imo the best choice. It's nothing special, but it's solidly built and most Importantly, easy to fret with a good setup. If you don't mind going used, Mexican made Fenders are great and can be had for a couple hundred. Just avoid ones with the tremolo (whammy bar) in the beginning because they can be a pain to keep in tune.
@missmyluv Start slow. Focus on little and achievable objectives. It really helped me to learn an extremely easy song or two from time to time; chord and finger exercices are (really) good, but it is also really rewarding to put everything into practice. The first time you get a song right, you'll get hooked! :)
@missmyluv Start with any 4 chord song and try to play along. My first song was Royals by Lord which is mostly just D D C G. Do whatever strumming pattern you feel works and just keep at it
@missmyluv i started by learning come as you are by Nirvana, learning to read tabs which for that song was very easy to learn, after that i started learning some songs by 3 doors down (Be like that for example), eventually you have to keep consistently practicing, thats all i can say.
@missmyluv I wish I would have learned power chords much sooner. My best advice is to try to learn to play songs that you want to play. Yes you will suck but in time, you will suck less. A small amount of practice every or most days can go a long way. Growth comes through consistency.
@missmyluv I made the process more fun by looking up chords to my favourite (easy) songs. It’s super rewarding when you nail a chorus or verse and that way you give yourself small victories in the learning process and you quickly learn the practical motoric skills which I think was the hardest part.
BUT you probably have to accompany this with some theory on the side if you want a thorough education. Also talking from experience here, lol.
@missmyluv I'd suggest getting one of those instructional video courses for beginners. It's how I started. You could try teaching yourself or from YouTube, but a structured course will help you get up to speed faster. Especially if you're working a job and don't have as much time as you'd like to spend on this.

You're already dropping cash on a new guitar anyway, might as well spend a few bucks more to get good at it.
@missmyluv Guitar wise, I've got a Gordon Smith Gypsy 11. It's a little like a Les Paul. Best advice I can give is, head to a shop and get a feel for what you are comfortable with. What works for me might not for you. Have fun!
@missmyluv As you know from being a percussionist, the basics become a lot of muscle memory. Get comfortable going slowly between two related chords. (Also…your fingertips are going to hate you for a while, but will eventually get used to it.)
@missmyluv If you want to learn electric get an electric, if you want to learn acoustic get an acoustic. The whole "you should learn acoustic before electric" is absolute nonsense.

About sticking to it there isn't much besides your own will to play, so maybe have something to look up to like a hard song you want to learn.

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