Tips If your cat is acting Hungry even thought there is still (good) food in their bowls, it's Probaably because they can't reach All their food

@tzhaar724 Yes, exactly! Not modern cat food out of a containment vessel for human convenience. C'mon, now.

The "wild cats eating mice" that you are referring to aren't dependent on humans for their food - they have the option to just leave the stuff they don't like and kill something new. (Outdoor cats and feral cats do a LOT of surplus killing - it's a huge problem). Though, I'm sure that if there was no other option, they would choose discomfort and pain over starvation. But, they have you to complain to, so they are going to try that first.

You have to understand - what you are trying to argue above is akin to arguing against the suggestion that a fast food restaurant should consider supplying straws for their drinks, because "the Yanomami drink water directly from streams!", so the obvious inavailability of straws can't possibly be a reason behind all those negative Yelp reviews....

Now, just go look at pictures of how cats (and one big cat) eat food "off of the ground" in the wild. When the food is lower than their chests, they crouch low down to come at the food as horizontally as possible:
@christfollower7 Also many cat's won't drink water that's next to their food because in the wild, dying corpses taint the water supply.

So they end up dehydrated, develop urine crystals and then die. I have to have 2 human glasses of water in completely different rooms, on the floor, because my cat would rather literally die than drink out of a water bowl near its food.
@christfollower7 LPT: Save yourself the stress of a pretentious cat who can't be bothered to fish out his food with his paws (lest they get dirty) by choosing a dog.

Doggy hungry, doggy gon' eat.
@momma7 Pulling a cereal box out of the recycling isn't all that much of a hassle. Neither is using a plate instead of a bowl. It's just that different animals have different needs that people may not be educated on, though they might have made different (though not necessarily more expensive) choices at the outset had they known at the time.

Plus, it's pretty silly to purport that cats are more stressful pets to care for than dogs....c'mon, now. That's crazy talk.
@christfollower7 To be fair, ergonomics is also about 80% hogwash pseudoscience.

Dont get me wrong, many people benefit from it, because that 20% is actually a big deal. But i wouldnt eat the whole cake they are serving if i were you.

I should clarify that: I know this because I worked in a chain store for a while that specialized in ergonomic office chairs and supplies. Took several (expensive) classes on it and got certified (at the owners request) and became pretty knowledgeable.
@imsavedbyjesus As someone who works in construction, I am between laughing and rage-yelling (instinctual from dealing with dufuses on a jobsite) right now.

For all those special expensive classes, you don't seem to have a full understanding of what the term "ergonomics" means and how broadly it applies. It's far more than just office chairs. It's like you're saying dermatology is 80% pseudoscience and you know this because you got expensive certifications in order to work for a cosmetics store. Meanwhile, I'm a nurse over here and I'm just like, seriously??? No....
@christfollower7 A nurse in construction eh? Interesting.

I never said that ergonomics was limited to office chairs. Not once. Nor were the classes that I took solely about office chairs. Look into it sometime, the classes are a few weeks long and cover ALL of it. And again, only 20% has ANY real science to it.

Iam not going to debate it with you. The people who believe in it passionately can't be swayed any other way, and frankly, like I said, that 20% (posture, etc) is worth it.

Have at it, in that, you know construction or nursing thing, or whatever.
a nurse in construction

Yeah, maybe I should have picked up from the prior comments that you wouldn't be able to keep up with an analogy. My bad.

I work in construction.

I've got plenty of training.

I highly suggest you just friggin' google the term ergonomics one day and maybe then you'll understand my comment and why I'm finding your comments so silly. Maybe not, who knows. Either way, please just consider trying these suggestions for your cat, for shits if not anything else.