Tips If you want to give something away for free on an online marketplace, list it for a fraction of the real worth, but not free

@humbleservant1992 Related important LPT: don’t give animals away for free. It’s been shown repeatedly that people value things more and treat them better if they had to pay for it, including pets. Even just charging $10-20 increases the chance the pet ends up in a good home.
@humbleservant1992 I tried giving away some practically brand new bar stools like 9-10 years ago, I just needed them gone because I was moving. Got contacted by a lady who said she'll take em, and asked if I could meet her at an address. I didn't immediately lookup the address but the street name sounded familiar and I thought it was close so I was like sure, whatever. So I pack the things in my car and lookup the address, it's damn near 2.5 hours away!

I message the lady back and tell her I can't do that and explain why and that I'll hold them for her if she wants to come get them. she proceeds to harass me for the next couple hours spamming me with calls/texts saying I'm wasting her time, and that I've already agreed and can't back out now, etc etc.

I ended up just giving them away to one of my neighbors. Two days later though, guess who started texting me again saying she's in the area and asking where she can pick them up from. I just turned off my phone and moved on with my day
@humbleservant1992 I have had (amazingly) good luck with freecycle where I am. I’ve met up with about 6 people over the last few months, some of them a few times. No flakes, no choosing beggars, etc. One of them I’m pretty sure is selling the stuff, but idgaf. Show up and take it out of my house and make some money on it? Win win imho.

I was worried about this flake issue, since “selling” stuff has such a higher pain point… more pics, more disclaimers, etc. I’m so grateful for freecycle and non flakes!

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