Tips If you move into a new apartment

@lalalady11 Everything in canisters or resealable baggies, etc. Careful cleanup after cooking and eating, no crumbs, grease, etc left. Dishes immediately in dishwasher and if its not going to be ran, rinse before so no bits and close dishwasher.
@anonymous258 I stop all my drains for this exact reason. I live more than 30 floors up in a high rise condo near a lot of construction in a hot climate. Roaches just are a thing. Even this high up. I’ve seen them crawling up from the tub and sink drain so I know this is where they’re coming from. I hate it.

I use the built in drain stopper in my tub and bathroom sink and keep covers on the kitchen sink drains. At this point it’s all second nature habit to me to plug and unplug the drains with use. The slight effort of doing so vastly outweighs dealing with these motherfuckers coming up.
@adedayospeaks I'm from a colder climate where roaches aren't common unless you're living in filth, or have a gross apartment neighbor.

I visited someone in Austin Texas for the first time, and I turned on the bathroom light in the basement... roaches in the bathtub, roaches in the sink, roaches in the flippin' toilet. There were at least 7 of them. I screamed SO loud. The home owner runs downstairs thinking I'm about to get murdered, and then they're just all casually like "oh yeah, they just come out of the drains" like it was no big deal.

Fuck. That. Noise.
@hope_47362 But but, you can get a 7 story house in Texas for 37 dollars?! It’s the subtleties that go forgotten when talking about moving to these kinds of areas hahah. No thanks
@adedayospeaks Sadly, this has been my life since the end of May. First time I’ve ever had to do this in any apartments/houses I’ve lived in…it’s so stressful trying to remember if I’ve plugged up the holes when not in use

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