Tips If you’re busy and feeling overwhelmed - don’t make a list, make a schedule


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This advice was the best takeaway from Dr Libby Weavers book “rushing women’s syndrome” - by creating a schedule of things that need to get done - you essentially ‘remove’ it from your mind because you know at 10am on Saturday you’re doing X.

If you write a list you’re still thinking about all those items as a whole and it can feel overwhelming.

Life example from my own life: I know I am booked for the gym on mondays and fridays at 9:15. I know when I get home I will shower and wash my hair. Clean hair for the work week. Clean hair for the weekend. (I work a clean job with my hair tied back so twice is plenty)
@notdeadanymore205 It took a bit of getting used to - and you would think it’s discipline - but once you’re in it the schedule can be freeing - give it a go for a short time.

Look at your current commitments and figure out where you do regular things anyway - then add extras around those times.
@notdeadanymore205 I think the right question as Jordan Peterson speaks about is "what kind of schedule did you make?" - I mean if you made a near impossible sucky schedule you will lack motivation to keep it.

And start asking questions.

What do you want? Get more fit? - then schedule 3 gym sessions in a week. Why are oyu not going? - You know it is good for your health and you said you wanted it? - Do you really want it? Do you have somthing better to do?
@lbrown13 Thats fine for you. But some of his stuff has hit me to the core, so please keep your opinion to yourself because some people have changed fheir lives around with his help. This aint about politics or religion.
@ratchet30 His stuff isn't anything new so honestly you can look anywhere else for "help" like that. Sorry that it's personal to you but the man's a hack and a grifter regardless of politics. His writing in those self-help books irritates me because it's rambling and illogical.
@lbrown13 I haven't read his books, and also only listen to the best of. So I don't know about his work, also Im not interested in his person. However, I know he got a lot of hate.

I think it is hard to make it black and white. For some people he hit hard, others like Tony robbins, E.T and so on.

Who would you recommend, I'm always open to hear new things.
@mollieleonard Lists are better. Schedules will break almost immediately and will only cause more stress. Make detailed lists with smaller objects with estimated times. If you want to get crazy you can add materials needed and add a priority rank.
@dv_1096 A not-very-good example might be: Change bedding

Making a detailed list becomes:
Remove sheet.

Put clean sheet on bed.

Remove pillowcases.

Put on clean pillowcases.

Every step is listed. I find it works for me.

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