How to mix natural peanut butter w/o making a mess?


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Anyone got a hack for mixing natural peanut butter without getting oil everywhere? I feel like the real solution is for the manufacturers to simply use slightly taller jars, but that’s out of my control.
@onthebox Discovered this on accident: jar was upside down in the grocery bag. Needed minimal stirring for the first time. I’m gonna tip new jars upside down like a day before I’m ready to open it.
@onthebox Flip the jar upside down for at least an hour before stirring. Then use a butter knife instead of a spoon. Turn the jar over, and now when you open it, you won’t have an inch of oil at the top like you’re used to. Stab down to the bottom in 4-5 different spots and begin to pull the oil up, spinning the knife while doing so. You can easily stir it to a creamy consistency at this point. Once done, put it in the fridge. Boom. Perfectly consistent peanut butter without ruining your counter.