How to get rid of A n t s In my Flat??


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At first there were only a few in the Kitchen, which I didn't mind because I love animals of any sort and I found them cute.
I use a hand vacuum cleaner every now and then to make sure there are no crumbs on the floor or anywhere.
After a while there's a whole army around the trash bin, and what's worst I see them occasionally in the bedroom as well, which horrifies me since we have a 2 year old toddler sleeping and I'm scared they'll get to him when he sleeps .
I tried tee trea oil but it seems that sht only attracted them more 😂 I tried various traps sold in Shops but to no avail, as well as salt.
It pains me having to get rid of them... But I'm concerned now about my baby.

Please kind people, help !
@eschatologist Your goal is to kill the queen. You kill her, you'll kill the colony. The very best way to do this is with bait.

The workers will spread it through out the colony since they share the food...and it will eventually reach the queen. You must be patient to see the results. It'll take 2 or 3 days. Even then the leftover eggs will hatch, so you'll see a stray few ants. But eventually you won't see any ants at all

The bait that does this is TERRO. Place it inside your garbage can and they will find it.
@eschatologist Any liquid ant baits will work. You may not think it's not working because you're seeing a lot more ants. But you must remember this is like candy to them, they want to bring everyone to they can bring it to the nest faster.

So don't kill the workers you see! Leave them be so they can carry the bait back to the nest.

Other then that we really can't help you except hire a pro...who will do the same thing.
@eschatologist After trying a few brands, the “Terro liquid ant bait” was the one which took care of the problem.

You should be able to find them at Walmart, Home Depot etc.. Make sure to get the liquid ones and not the paste type of baits.

Put them around the areas where you spotted them, the bait will attract more ants, it’ll be nasty for a few days (hundreds of them) but do not disturb the process: The point is to having them bring the active ingredient back to their colony and wait until it wipes them all.

Took about a week to work on a full scale invasion in our kitchen/bathroom.
@eschatologist 3 - 1 mixture of sugar to Borax. Drizzle a tiny bit of syrup or honey on it. Set it near where the ants are coming from. The ants will bring this back to the queen and the borax will kill her
@eschatologist When you see single scouts, you need to kill them unfortunately. They tend to come in looking for shelter to move nests especially if there has been a lot of rain after a dry spell. When they scout like this though, they will happily take advantage of any nutrition as well. Take out all the trash in trash cans, and do not leave anything with liquids in the trash. Things like tampons/pads, or food packaging, or soiled paper towels with wipings from the counter. Consider using one small can and taking the bag of trash out daily if you need to. Keep your whole place clean of food detritus. Clean out the small appliances of crumbs. Don't leave dishes out at desks, in front of the tv, on the counter, in the sink. Don't leave recycling, especially sugary drink cans or beer bottles around without cleaning them. They will also love to get into any pet foods. You said you keep things pretty clean so funky sponges at the kitchen sink and keeping crumbs off all surfaces and things like cutting boards that might hang up may be less of an issue for you, but keep at less noticeable spots as well like any drain filters in the dish washer (some have a pop out piece you need to clean periodically), sink drains that might need to have any grime polished away, or toilets - it's never a bad idea to check for leaks under the seal where the throne meets the floor, where they can often regularly emerge from if there's been issues there. Check pipes under sinks for leaks and rot. Check the exterior of your building for any cracks in the foundation or along windows and doors. There'll always be some gaps to a degree but mitigating especially along the ground level can help. Sometimes you can see a big trail of them marching right in somewhere specific.

If you deal with diapers you might try getting a diaper genie or something that seals up, and similarly put soiled linens directly in the washer and run a small load daily if needed if baby makes a lot of wet clothes. I never thought the bait worked very well and seemed they'd quit coming in with the weather changing back to less rain and just keeping up on not letting them find anything to eat.

If that fails, I had a friend swear cinnamon powder helped keep them from coming in when they had a trail marching in. Couldn't hurt?

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