How to clear your stuffy nose in under a minute


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[sup]I[/sup] [sup]posted[/sup] [sup]this[/sup] [sup]a[/sup] [sup]few[/sup] [sup]years[/sup] [sup]back,[/sup] [sup]but[/sup] [sup]I[/sup] [sup]figured[/sup] [sup]I'd[/sup] [sup]post[/sup] [sup]it[/sup] [sup]again[/sup] [sup]since[/sup] [sup]it's[/sup] [sup]about[/sup] [sup]that[/sup] [sup]time[/sup] [sup]of[/sup] [sup]year[/sup] [sup]for[/sup] [sup]stuffy[/sup] [sup]noses.[/sup] [sup]I[/sup] [sup]learned[/sup] [sup]this[/sup] [sup]from[/sup] [sup]@jessica555,[/sup] [sup]so[/sup] [sup]kudos[/sup] [sup]to[/sup] [sup]him.[/sup]

Here goes...

Step 1: Take a deep breath in.

Step 2: Then exhale all of your air. When your lungs are empty, hold your breath! Do not breathe at all.

Step 3: Nod your head back and forth repeatedly, alternating up toward the sky and then to the ground.

Step 4: Do this until you absolutely NEED to breathe.

Step 5: Your nose should now be clear. Enjoy! (Optional: Take this opportunity to blow your nose and clear some mucus.)

Do this whenever necessary.
@mool I imagine I’ve been kidnapped and my mouth is duct taped so I have to breathe through my nose. Takes 5 or 6 attempts and then it magically clears. Turns out your body won’t let you die of a stuffed nose.
@ianyoung This is bullshit. Just woke up in the middle of the night with two completely obstructed nostrils. Turns out, your body just lets you fucking suffocate until you wake up in a panic yelling.
@mool Please be cautious doing this, my husband tried it while he was really really stuffed up and he couldn’t get enough oxygen in when he finally breathed in and had a seizure. Sooo, just a warning!