How can I wake up early?


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I have anxiety and depression and have a major exam coming up. I can’t study at home and the only way I can be productive is when I go to this cafe that’s 30 minutes away from my house. The only thing is that I can’t wake up early and I always go late to the cafe and can’t get much done in the few hours that I’m there. I always put my alarm on 7 am but always wake up at 10. It’s killing me and I’m so behind with my progress. What should I do?
@jhosuf I used to be in bed by 10 but recently I've been going to bed around 12 am :( I couldn't wake up even when I used to go to bed at 10 so I thought I'd stay up late so I could do more work but honestly I'm just lying to myself
  1. Ensure you get 8 hours of sleep. How you ask? If you want to get up at 7am, that means you need to be asleep by 11pm. That probably also means you need to be in bed by at least 10:15, have put all screens and bright lights away by 9pm, and should probably have stayed away from any caffeine since at least 6pm. Get into that bed with a good book and get comfy.
  2. Ensure you keep a regular schedule. Your body is evolved from a time way before humans invented the week. Your body doesn't know or care what day it is, so if you want good sleep, you need to also get up at the same time during weekends. If you are getting that good 8 hours of sleep, there isn't a need to sleep in during the weekends anyways because you are actually getting enough rest. The body will probably need at least a couple of weeks to adjust, but given that adjustment time, you can freely choose what time you get up every day.
@dragonsaur I think you need to take care of yourself. Depression especially can disturb your study habits and I recommend you to see a professionl or talk to a trusted one. If you wanna talk to me about it I'm here for you
@dragonsaur This is going to sound very very stupid, but works. You can practice getting up as your alarm goes on. The day before set an alarm to one minute, get in bed, and as soon as the alarm goes on get out of bed quickly. Repeat like 10 times or more.

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