How can I as a 15 year old save the most money by 18?

@truthseeker316 When I was in high school I would buy multipacks of candy bars and sell them for $1 each. I only did it for a couple months before graduation and made a few hundred dollars!
@truthseeker316 Don’t spend it. That’s literally it. Work more, save up nearly all of it, and you’ll have savings to start with. Trust me, I wish I had more when I got out on my own.
@truthseeker316 You can't save enough money with the wages you can earn whilst a kid. It's unfair but that's just how it is. The best thing you can do is get yourself the educational success that will allow you to walk into a proper job / apprenticeship / university as soon as you're an adult.
@issaissues That's just not true at all. He can easily save up a few thousand working summer breaks. Save like 80 percent and he would have enough for a deposit on an apartment. Get a buddy or 2 to move out with you and it's perfectly doable.
@truthseeker316 Do you have an adult in your life that is kind to you & willing to help you? Maybe someone who can mentor you? Don't be afraid to ask adults you respect questions or for advice. If you know someone who owns a small business, ask them for tips. You'd be amazed how willing people will be to share their wisdom with you. Good luck!
@truthseeker316 Budget your money,decide what is important and what you want but don’t need. We started our son with budgeting when he was 5 with his allowance. When he was in high school, about your age, we introduced him to YNAB, an app. You Need A Budget. He still uses it. By 21, he had saved $25,000. I am sure there are other apps like this, and are free,or low cost. Good luck!!
@truthseeker316 The highest lever for you right now is to learn entrepreneurship. A slave wage won't ever free you financially. You need to learn how to deliver products/services the market wants better than competitors. Find your niche, and start experimenting now. Be willing to fail, because failures built on is the path to success.

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