Homemade Pest Repellent


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Take a ¼ tsp of each essential oil:

It’s not an exact recipe, lots of room for self expression, but any of these oils will repel insects that diminish the quality of the outdoors.

I had, HAD, a problem with flies. I went on r/GardeningOutdoors but got kicked off for asking for assistance on this issue for reasons I’m unsure of. And since necessity is the Mother of Invention, and desperate is where I was, I figured it out myself.

You’re welcome.
@limothy60 To enjoy the quality of the outdoors more, load a spray bottle or water gun with a dilute soapy solution (surfactant). Then shoot down bugs when you see one, crawling or flying. So entertaining. Ants and some bugs will die on the spot. For the rest, kill them with a few drops of 70% rubbing alcohol or voka while they cannot move.
I made my yard attractive to frogs & spiders, thinking long term results. Wolf spiders started showing up & recently a Red Pickerel toad had babies. She’s been receptive to my offer of a water dish.