For U.S. residents looking for new homes, the DoT Noise Map gives a noise rating for every address in the country

@boozle It's missing industrial noise. I'm in a rural very quiet neighborhood. when my city friends visit they all ask what the hell all the noise is? I have never lived in a noisier place, including intercity. We have the largest LP wafer board plant in the country if not the world 1 mile away as the crow flies. There are nights when it is like a freight train a block away constant. Saddest thing is it's always louder at night.
@boozle Im about a mile from a rail line and an interstate hwy in an otherwise podunk and quiet town.

There have been times when one or the other have been shut down for accidents and Ive been woken up at night by the sudden silence.
@boozle My area is super quite except for my neighbor’s clanging, mistuned (tritone- think train whistle), “harmonic”, giant (LOUD), metal wind chimes. Oh, and since I live at the top of a hill where it’s kinda windy all of the time- they clang ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT long.
Other than that, yeah the map shows my area to be quiet.
@boozle Guys try different browsers, my brave browser shows nothing on the map , only colored roads. Might be adblock or ghostery blocking noise spread on the map.
@boozle Took us more than a year to find house with a view but no road noise. Virtually every nice neighborhood was built next to highways or major roads. Finally found one in a small acoustic shadow.

It was worth the effort. Wide views across Sacramento River Valley to Cascade Range. And no sound except occasional bird and light breeze in the trees.

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