Can't focus after lunch


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I start working at my desk at 8 a.m. and continue until 2 p.m., often getting a lot done and sometimes even finishing an hour early. However, after lunch, when it's time to study for university, I struggle to focus. I feel tired and get easily distracted by trivial things. For instance, yesterday, instead of working on an exercise, I spent 10 minutes mindlessly spinning my pen. I wasn't even thinking about the problem anymore. It was like I didn't even realize I was wasting time. I would catch myself staring out the window or checking my phone without any real reason, completely losing track of my studies. It seems like I'm only productive in the mornings and can't concentrate on studying in the afternoon. How can I change this?
@ryewolf It's normal to feel tired after lunch because the blood in our body goes to the digestive system and it doesn't go to the brain. For this reason we feel tired
That's why it's difficult to do intensive activities after eating, in particularly if you have eaten lots of carbohydrates.
So, in my opinion, you have to schedule your day paying attention on this point. For example, if you have scheduled to study from 2 PM, schedule you lunch time one hour before, to reduce the feeling of being TIRED when you have to begin studying.
@ryewolf You need more fruit. Too much energy being used to process your carbs from lunch. Also low energy from waiting too long to eat. Smaller more frequent meals ie, a snack in between breakfast and lunch might do wonders. I'd recommend nuts and dried fruit but primarily the fruit for the fast acting energy.

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