Best tool for self publishing?


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I'm writing a book and am planning to self publish. I need a tool for document drafting, planning, art, useful articles, random info, etc. I use Win10 and an iPhone so I'd want something across those two platforms.

I have used Evernote years ago but now am wondering about Notion or OneNote.

My organizational style is ... throw everything in one place and search for it when I need it.

Suggestions, ideas?
@vadoons Scrivener lets you throw everything in one place and organize it. Novelists use it but you can use it for everything from writing a play to doing research. You can export what you have into Word, etc. You can download the free Windows 3.0 beta version. Scrivener's been around for years and they've been beta testing the Windows 3.0 version for a long time so that's why it's free.

** Note - I wrote this about Scrivener before I read the other comments so it looks like Scrivener it is. If you can't find the 3.0 Windows Beta download link I can post it. There's a bit of a learning curve, but it has a tutorial. Notion, Evernote, Word, OneNote are great at what they do but they're not created with the specific purpose of helping you research, organize, brainstorm and write things. On the flip side, Scrivener may not be the best tool to do things that those other programs can do well. If you try Scrivener, you might look up Scrivenings, collections and Index cards first. Then multiple panes. Those will demonstrate some of it's unique and helpful features depending on your needs. I'm not elated about it's search, but it works.

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