A complete guide on defeating laziness or why laziness doesn’t exist


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You are not lazy. You are not defective. You don’t need to browse YouTube for videos on how to fight laziness.

You simply don’t want it enough. Now, this might be painful for your ego, but this the reality.

If you just had a meal and you don’t go for another one, it’s not because you’re lazy. You’re simply not hungry. Whereas, if you haven’t eaten for 2 days, you’ll eat anything. You won’t only be extremely motivated to find food, but it will also taste heavenly, regardless of what you eat.

Now that we established that fighting laziness is idiotic, what’s the solution for your lack of motivation?

If you feel like you are chronically tired and not willing to do things you feel you need to be doing - start small. Stop eating junk food. Gut bacteria is proven to influence your brain chemistry. If you eat shit, no wonder you feel like shit.

Also, do sports. Even 3 sessions/week are proven to boost your mood and energy levels. More to that,, when you have one good habit, it’s easier to build other good habits.

Then, get AT LEAST 7 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep is a disaster for your mental state.

Then, if your diet, sleep and activity levels are fine and you’re still chronically tired or even depressed, GO CHECK YOUR HORMONES. This is a very overlooked advice, and most people live with messed up hormones without even realising it.

Finally, if your hormones are good, but you still can’t make yourself do the things you feel like you must do, try realistically looking at your goals. Are you trying to optimise every minute of your life? If that’s the case, try to chill out. You’re not a machine.

Now, if you looked at your goals, and they’re adequate, but you still can’t make yourself start moving towards them, there’s only one conclusion: you simply don’t have enough ambition. Which leaves you with 2 choices:
  1. Accept it. Not all people are meant to be millionaires, fitness models, great musicians, etc. And that’s okay. Some just don’t have it in them.
  2. Refuse to accept it. Now, this is where I have no advice for you. If you can’t stand the feeling of never achieving your goals, you will need to win the most important fight of your life. And that’s the fight against yourself. If you do that, you will be unstoppable. But nobody can help you with that. You either have it in you or you don’t
Edit: Probably, I should’ve made this more clear. If you have a diagnosed mental issue or if you suspect you have one, consult with a professional. The point of this post is that your productivity issues are caused by physical illness, mental disorder or the fact you don’t want it enough. There’s no 4th option

Edit 2: A lot of hurt egos in the comments, apparently. Look, I don’t have a side here. If you’re looking for excuses instead of going towards your goals, I’m not in a position to judge you because you do you. So, there’s no need to be personally offended. And while I believe it’s important to be smart about your productivity, some people are focusing on it too much. So, if your health is fine and you’re still unmotivated, maybe it’s time to close a productivity subreddit and go out there to do some real work. Or don’t. That’s up to you. Just be honest with yourself. It will save you a lot of time
Stop eating junk food.

I don't. I eat balanced meals of home-cooked fresh produce every day

Also, do sports. Even 3 sessions/week are proven to boost your mood and energy levels.

I have arthritis and a connective tissue disorder, but I manage to walk 10km every day.

Get AT LEAST 7 hours of sleep.

Unfortunately the joint pain makes this difficult, but I manage most nights


Done that. They're fine. Yet somehow I still have treatment-resistant major depressive disorder. What now?
@prodigalredeemed Hey, fyi - what’s labeled as “treatment resistant depression” is often untreated ADHD or something else like trauma or life…if you’re depressed because of a legitimate reason (can’t find a job, can’t find a gf/bf, no medication is going to make you less depressed about that.)
@prodigalredeemed Most diagnosed disorders are caused by eating foods your body doesn't like causing inflammation or even making you weaker (like how milk can actually makes your bones more brittle, for me I dropped milk now my nails are harder compared to squishy bending them back, far less skateboard ankle injuries). I had 'allergies' every single day growing up turns out it was for the most part trash grains and fructose syrup drinks I'd eat everyday. (Some ppl will tell you American grains especially cause them problems, but they go travel to say Japan and their grains are just fine). Point is if you got something wrong then something is causing it, it will be different for everyone.

Walking isn't the same as a sport. as an athlete though being outside skateboarding all day till 10pm+ and sports/workout, the sport point means nothing, sports/workouts don't do anything for me except for the fact that muscle = more body protection from minor injuries/movement and strength/stamina. Irrelevant to mental though.

Best 'cure' aside from having motivation/fun. Is just cold showers, sleep/good sleep schedule. The best schedule is where you wake up in the morning and go outside for the morning sun.
@prodigalredeemed That depends on if you truly are born with it or just enable the problem yourself. Not every doctor will help you, is getting multiple opinions from them not a promoted practice? Plenty of misdiagnoses happen.

Okay then delete your point about walking since it's irrelevant as well, most of your comment is. I only came in to give you some facts which can potentially be affecting you. You're mad for no reason.
@nadiadavenport Nope. I already have a messed up sleep cycle and overthinking issues.

Physically, I might appear lazy because everyone tells me I don't have a sense of urgency and don't do things quickly.

Mentally, I am exhausted. A lot of times I have to think a lot before doing anything. A lot has to do with my personal life.

I like to think that I am not lazy just feel stuck due to decision paralysis.