7 AI tools I use to boost my productivity

I know there is a boom in AI tools. I’ve tried a lot, and many of them are just… not very useful. These are the ones I use almost every day. I save a lot of time with them. I hope they are also helpful to you.

1 Hints.so

It feels like I've hired a virtual assistant 😂. All you do is type out “commands” on Slack or WhatsApp (I think it also works on iMessage), and it takes care of the rest. Some ways I've been putting it to use include:
  • Telling it to “Set up a meeting with X for tomorrow at 3pm” —> It adds it directly to your calendar
  • Or, “Create a task to finish project X” —> It adds it to Todoist (in my case), but it's just as comfy with Notion, Trello, and so on.
Writing the tasks vs executing them saves a lot of time.

2 Motion (usemotion)

It plans your day automatically. Builds your daily schedule and reschedules undone work. A coworker of mine swears by it, but I'm still trying to find my groove with it. Perhaps my calendar habits are a bit weird🤔. Regardless, it's definitely worth a shot. But worth to try. I’m trying to make it works for me. If you have tricks, let me know.

3 Wave.ai

It's like an app for habit-building. You're basically having a conversation, but all in writing and with the frequency that you prefer. They use AI, but there are real people replying to you as well. You set a goal and then they assign small tasks every day/week to help you reach it. It is basically focused on creating new habits. In my case, I've managed to maintain most of the habits I started with them.

4 Grammarly

This one's likely already on your radar. As someone whose first language isn't English, I tend to make a bunch of tiny errors. Once you install their extension, it's like having a proofreader on speed-dial. It's not just about grammar, it also lends a hand in refining your text, matching the tone to the occasion (formal or informal), and reworking whole paragraphs to sound way better. It makes people think I’m actually good at English. (This post is actually being autocorrected by it! haha)

5 CapCut

If you're into video editing, this will be a game-changer. My only gripe is that the mobile app is a tad more feature-rich than the web app (Maybe I’m a boomer because I prefer the laptop? 🤔).

You know those captions you see on a ton of TikTok videos? Those are done with CapCut, and it auto-detects your spoken words.

6 tldv.io

I was using Tactiq but I've found tl;dv to be more precise. Plus, Tactiq has this weird habit of dropping a message in the chat to say you're "taking notes", which just feels odd. It takes notes of your meetings and can even whip up summaries. It's a godsend if you're swamped with meetings and need to track down specific points from a call. As someone working remotely, this is a real time-saver for me.

7 ChatGPT

It goes without saying!

I won't harp on about it, there are legions of people on Twitter writting the same tweet over and over “ChatGPT is crazy potent, but 99% of folks aren't using it right. Check out my ultimate guide. Follow, like, yada yada yada for more”.

So, you know where to find those guides 😆

Any other tool I should start using?
@thisguynamednick so now i visited the site for wave.ai, apparently it's a coaching app, far from i traded in your post OP. they also charge 99EUR a month for their service lol.

I'm starting to get the feeling that OP is just an advertisement spammer and that all these services are somehow connected, or at least connected in their spamming tactics.

are you sure you're not an spammer or a bot OP?
@yytz6 This is very interesting, as someone who is going into a position where I have the option to query databases with raw SQL instead of using our internal BI tool. I have very limited SQL knowledge but this could be a good learning tool
  1. You should change the name. aihelperbot is very generic and doesn't give me a good idea about what it is
  2. You should allow users to import the table/tables info instead of connecting to the DB. I won't ever be able to use your tool due to work db connection restrictions. Why don't you allow the user to copy/paste a sample of the data and the field names/types?
Seriously love the idea and website looks great. Excited for you to add Trino, too :)
@aeverly30 Thanks for the feedback.
  1. This is very true and it was an initial mistake. However now I find it difficult to change.
  2. You can connect to the database to automatically import database schema and run queries. But you can also import database schema via CSV, manually typing it or in any format you want. When using CSV we provide a SQL query you can run on your database to get the tables and columns, also really fast. You can read more about it in the documentation: https://docs.aihelperbot.com/getting-started/database-schema. Here is a screen short.
Excited for you to add Trino.

I will look into that, thanks.

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